Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend in a nutshell

As you can probably tell by now I LOVE writing lists! So here is my weekend in a little list:) 

Weekend fun included:
-- Surprising my best friend and bridesmaid Lynn at her house when she arrived home after becoming ENGAGED! Jason proposed to my sweetie Friday night and I was so happy to be included in the night and see how surprised she was. :) It was also because I got to spend that night with BM Emo and I don't get to see her enough. 
-- Attending 3 grad parties all for people who are dear and near to my heart. two cousins and a family friend. 
-- Spending a lot of time with family. Got to hang out with my sweet little niece Finley Joy, which is awesome. 
-- Unpacking a bunch of clothes that I don't need at school this summer and next semester. Always love feeling organized and everything in the right place. ( I think I'm a hoarder)
-- Getting lunch with high school best friend and bridesmaid Em. I just love spending time with her and laughing. 
-- Hanging out with my sweet little sister. I hate going to school so far away from her but I love how far or friendship has come and how close we have become. Plus she taught me how to rock a sock bun. 

Wondering where my better half was? He spent the weekend in Illinois at his best man's graduation party.

This weekend was so awesome and I can't wait to go home this upcoming weekend too for some festivities including a wedding and our first set of engagement pictures! 



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