Friday, December 18, 2015

31&32 weeks

How far along: 31&32 weeks. 

Total weight gain: 29lbs. no weight gain the past two weeks. 

Maternity clothes? yes! 

Sleep: still going good, up around 3 every night with baby girl moving. Some nights I'll go back to sleep right away other nights it takes a few hours. Lately been up around midnight to pee also.  

Best moment this week: baby has become even more active and I can watch her just roll around my tummy and it's so fun to see. Maternity pictures!

Miss Anything? tummy sleeping

Cravings/Aversions: have not wanted Chinese food this whole pregnancy and still don't. I have been wanting waffles or pancakes with syrup a lot. 

Symptoms: Heartburn, tingling on upper right side of tummy, first Braxton hicks contractions, rib/upper back pain. Can barely see/reach my feet. 

Looking forward to: Resting! We are finally done traveling for the holidays and I'm excited for the upcoming weeks of nesting and relaxing to come before baby arrives. 



Thursday, December 10, 2015

29&30 weeks

How far along: 29 & 30 weeks

Total weight gain: 29lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes

Sleep: I am so very thankful for my sleep. Some nights I am awake for a few hours but most nights I wake up for a bit and pass right back out. 

Best moment this week: Doctor appointment! I love going to the doctor and checking up on baby. I am measuring 32 weeks right now, I have consistently been measuring ahead the whole time. Baby had a fast heart rate and seems to be breech at the moment, so lots of prayers she will flip which she has plenty of time to do. 

Miss Anything? I miss being able to do things on my own and at my pace. It is very humbling to be slowed down and have to rely on others much more. 

Cravings/Aversions: Peanut butter milkshakes. ๐Ÿ˜

Symptoms: Heartburn (easily goes away with zantac), restless legs, rib pain (less than last few weeks). belly button is pushed out so far. a few stretch marks on my sides. my arches were swollen for the first time this week. You can see my belly button through shirts now! I decided to take my wedding rings off in case swelling picks up, I don't want them to be stuck! 

Looking forward to: We ordered a lot of items for the nursery, I am so excited to add some decor to her sweet space and make it more of her own. Also ordered her blanket and now for the hospital, so crazy she is going to be here so soon! 

Monday, November 23, 2015


How far along: 27&28 weeks

Total weight gain: 18lbs!

Sleep: off and on, can't complain much still getting enough sleep and haven't been too tired!  I wake up at 4AM every day, but have been able to fall back asleep for the most part. 

Best moment this week: Finding out our sweet baby is a GIRL!! 

Miss Anything? I miss laying on my tummy and back to sleep. 

Cravings/Aversions: milkshakes or smoothies!

Symptoms: heartburn, tired-sore restless legs. lightening crotch (sorry), rib pain and upper back pain. 

Looking forward to: continue setting up our nursery! 

We had our 27 week appointment with the glucose test, the rhogam shot, and T-dap vaccination. About 30 minutes after finishing the glucose orange drink I began feeling really dizzy and overheated and ended up getting an ice pack from the sweet nurse that took my blood and after that I felt a lot better. 
They asked some questions about movements and based on my answers they decided to hook me up to the monitor to watch her for a bit and everything looked fine. I even had a small contraction while on the monitor which was really cool to see.

The doctors called and said I passed the glucose test but my other tests came back and I'm anemic so now on iron supplements and b-12 and C vitamins in addition to my prenatal.  We are now on to our appointments every 2 weeks!

also still so thankful I have been able to pop my back and get some relief- I am dreading the day when I am not able to do that.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


How far along: 25&26 weeks.

Total weight gain: 14 lbs. I have an appointment next week to see the growth again.

Maternity clothes? 100%

Sleep: up from 1130-2 one night. next night slept from 8-6. very hit or miss. even got a few naps in on the weekend. 

Best moment this week: painted the nursery, and a table and bookshelf for the nursery, did our first load of baby laundry, and made a bottle shelf in the fridge. Slowly but surely we are getting ready!

Cravings/Aversions: I want milkshakes or smoothies all the time! 

Symptoms: heartburn so bad-medicine knocks it though. Bigger strong movements by baby๐Ÿ˜. flat belly button now. face is breaking out a little bit. 

Looking forward to: Gender๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’—


How far along: 23&24 weeks pregnant.

Total weight gain: 14lbs! WHEW big gain since the last update.

Maternity clothes? Absolutely!

Sleep: Off and on. So much better this past week. We have been in bed by 8:30 during the week and that is really helping us stay energized through out the days.

Best moment this week: Hearing sweeties heartbeat! We had an appointment and they said weight gain and belly measurement is all on pace and everything is looking good.

Miss Anything? I would love to stuff my face with some serious raw sushi.

Cravings/Aversions: I have been having milkshakes with bananas or fruit in them to help with my leg cramps, and its an easy (and delicious) way to get my fruit in since I struggle eating it.

Symptoms: heartburn! calf cramps. rings still on. still have an innie belly button- barely!

Looking forward to:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


How far along: 21 & 22 weeks

Total weight gain: not sure, last appointment was up 7. 

Maternity clothes? All day everyday

Sleep: Sleep has gotten better during the last few days!

Best moment this week: So many people have got to feel baby kick and I just love it. Baby is moving so much especially after dinner. We even got it on video which was so cool! 

Miss Anything? Walking fast! I am a fast walker and I have had to slow down a lot to be more comfortable. Oh how God is using this to come after my heart.

Cravings/Aversions: Water! I can't get enough water.

Symptoms: Calf cramps every night! I got a nasty cold this week, but thankfully it only lasted a few days. Indigestion. 

Gender prediction: Girl? Boy? We have no idea. Depends on the day. We have had dreams of both and Conrad said yesterday he thinks it is a girl for some reason. Time will tell. :) I am not sure if I feel anything, but can picture a boy or girl coming into our life and making it sweeter.

Weird stuff: Guys my belly button is  looking super weird and almost flat now.  rings are still on for now! 

Looking forward to: Babymoon next weekend ๐Ÿ˜

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

19&20 Weeks

We had our 20 week anatomy scan and left on cloud 9. My belly is measuring 3 weeks ahead and baby's measuring ahead as well about a week, although its legs are over 2 weeks ahead- measuring 22 weeks 5 days. The ultrasound tech said, "Well, looks like you are going to have a tall baby." Taking after daddy already :)
We got to see hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, nose, lips and a lot more. It was so cool to see the baby kicking so hard and moving around.
I can't believe we are over halfway done with our pregnancy. God has truly blessed us with this sweet baby.

How far along: 19&20 Weeks! HALF WAY!

Total weight gain: up 7lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Sleep: Not sleeping the best anymore, very uncomfortable on my sides.

Best moment this week: Conrad getting to feel the sweetest babe move! Such a cool moment! My mom and aunt also came into town this past weekend and my mom got to feel baby move too. Such special memories I will treasure forever!

Miss Anything? SLEEP! I used to fall asleep and not wake up until morning, now I am up around 3AM every day.  It could be a lot worse though!

Symptoms: Calf cramps in the middle of the night- ouch! Less sleep.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower and finding out gender next month!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

17&18 weeks

It's been a long few weeks, I have been having some distinct sharp pains that were concerning to Conrad and I, and to my doctor so after going through a lot of tests and ultrasounds I was able to get some medicine and it took the pain right away. 

How far along: 17&18 weeks

Total weight gain: 2.5lbs

Maternity clothes? Absolutely!! I am so close to not being able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans anymore with my bellyband.

Sleep: Getting more uncomfortable as the weeks pass on.

Best moment this week: Pain relief after seeing the doctor! Feeling baby move finally on 9/20 (18 weeks 2 days)

Worst moment this week: The pain and scare that something could be wrong, thankfully baby is so fine and growing like a weed, in fact they said baby is measuring a week ahead- when they told us that Conrad cheered with joy.

Cravings/Aversions: Not really any cravings right now.

Symptoms: Low sharp pelvic pain, round ligament pain, less sleep, sweet baby movements, hair and nails growing so fast!

Looking forward to: 20 week anatomy scan coming up in a few weeks!

Friday, September 25, 2015

13 & 14 weeks

How far along: 13 and 14 weeks

Total weight gain: Haven't weighed myself since last doctors appointment

Maternity clothes? Heck yes I love them! Just ordered a few new pairs of pants from Old Navy. Still fitting into my regular jeans, just using the hair tie trick to keep them buttoned. I also tried the belly band this week and it is AMAZING!

Sleep: A few weird dreams these weeks, but sleeping so great. School started so we are so tired by the end of the day!

Best moment this week: Meeting my new kiddos and seeing my old students. It is so nice to be back in the swing of things. It's also so much fun having Conrad in the same school and we have lunch together and it has just been amazing.

Worst moment this week: Throwing up stuffed crust pizza YUCK & up all night sick one night.

Cravings/Aversions: I really really wanted pink starburst one day at school! Also still loving cottage cheese and tomatoes.

Symptoms: I am feeling good, finally feeling ready to go on nightly walks again with Conrad and grigs. I have hit three buckets of soft toss this week and NO BACK PAIN which is so refreshing!

Looking forward to: seeing my belly continue to grow and finding out the gender soon!  Such a cool and fun process!

Friday, September 4, 2015

15&16 weeks

 How far along: 15&16 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 2lbs

Maternity clothes? YES.

Sleep: So far so good, been feeling more uncomfortable on my stomach, dreading the day I have to stop.

Best moment this week: Getting to have another ultrasound and see baby moving around.

Cravings/Aversions: Not a lot of cravings except one cry session for McDonald's this week.

Symptoms: having a lot of round ligament pain, but otherwise feeling pretty good!

Looking forward to: feeling baby move and finding out gender! 

Monday, August 10, 2015


We are SO glad our news is finally public! We are expecting Baby Schottel in February! 

Can you tell it was early when we found out?! We were so tired and so excited! The exact due date is February 19th. This has been such a fun ride so far and we are just soaking in all these moments that we yearned for and wanted for so long. Such a special time and huge blessing.

As I am typing this I am 12 weeks 3 days! We have had 3 ultrasounds so far. YES THREE. We had our first appointment at 7 weeks 3 days where we got to see baby (or a little gummy bear) and heard the heartbeat. It was an emotional appointment and some tears were shed. Just so crazy that our sweet little one is in my body! The heart rate was 157 at the first appointment and everything was looking great.
About a week and a half after that I was having intense lower pelvic and back pain and when I called my nurse she said that tends to happen and is normal. When I told her how far along I was she seemed concerned and started asking a lot of questions. They were afraid there was an infection or something could be wrong because of the severity of the pain and how low it was. They said it shouldn't be that severe this early. The pain was so bad Conrad was helping me walk and get up and down. It was the worst when I would lay down, it was so hard to relax. I went in the next morning and had some tests done and everything came out okay! We got another ultrasound and baby was growing and looked great. So thankfully it wasn't connected. They referred me to a Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine doctor that spent an hour doing stretches and massaging my back to help me feel better. They said this is something that a lot of pregnant woman have to do just to help the pain. The pain is very sporadic and I can't figure out what helps alleviate the pain so we are just working through it when it comes.

Our next appointment was August 3rd, where we got our 3rd and best ultrasound yet because baby was moving all over the place!! As soon as the ultrasound started the doctor said, "Whoa that is a busy baby!" The arms and legs were moving so fast and we just started laughing it was so cute to see. Heart rate was 171! Baby looked great and everything was right on pace and our next appointment is at the beginning of September.

I will be doing weekly updates on the blog, this is just such an easy way to document the pregnancy and all the emotions that go with it. So starting on Friday my first post will go up about week 12!

12 weeks

How far along: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 lbs. I have lost 1/2 a pound actually!

Maternity clothes: None of my jeans fit anymore so I am wearing athletic shorts and one pair of maternity jeans. These things are the best and most comfy pants ever! I can see these becoming a staple especially when school starts up next week!

Sleep: I no longer need a nap in the middle of the day thankfully. I am sleeping so good at night besides the INSANE pregnancy dreams. They are extremely vivid and seem so real and I wake up drenched in sweat. Fun.

Best moment this week: The best moment this week was getting to wear my normal clothes again and not having to try and hide the bump! SO many people have commented that I am already showing and trust me I am feeling it!

Cravings/Aversions: Craving healthy, fresh, cold food like cottage cheese and tomatoes. They have been a necessity so far this pregnancy. I don't really want dessert, it doesn't gross me out but I would rather have other things. I also am living off of Carnation Instant Breakfasts in the morning. It kicks my nausea to the curb so I can start my day off great!

Symptoms: I have only thrown up a few times this pregnancy, with weeks 10 and 11 being the worst, I think I ate something that disagreed with me a few days ago because I got the chills and couldn't stop throwing up, but since then everything has been fine. Still having slight nausea in the morning, I am losing my breath a lot faster while talking, and crossing my fingers it stays this way but my back pain has been okay this week!

Looking forward to: This week I am looking forward to school starting and getting into my routine again!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We are coming up on ONE year of marriage. We aren't experts in marriage, aren't striving to be, and won't ever be. Marriage is different for every couple who share in this amazing unity. What we think of marriage and what works for us could be completely different for you. That is the beauty of it all.  
What we ARE striving to do is to grow closer to each other, to God, and to continously work on OUR marriage. Listed below are some things we have learned about our marriage in the past year and we wanted to share it with you:

You'll see through this blog we have taken our ideas and somewhat thrown them together. Conrad's thoughts are in black print.
Samantha's thoughts are in blue  print.

About 6 months into our marriage, I began to sit under the counsel of one of the strongest and wisest men I know. Conversations I shared with this mentor have rescued me from so much heartache and brought us immeasurable joy.  

Were I to list with you all of the numerous nuggets of wisdom I have gleaned from my mentor, this post would be obnoxiously long. So here are 3 of my favorites..

1)Chaos is normal.....and OK.
In all dimensions of life in this world, chaos is normal. But this is especially true in marriage. Living life with another person from the opposite sex in such close quarters is messy, literally and figuratively. So much of my internal annoyances early in my marriage all stemmed from the fact that I wanted my life and our marriage to fit into a pretty little box with a ribbon on it. I wanted life to work on my terms. I want Samantha to always be delightful and cheery. I want the apartment to be spotless and orderly. I want to feel like I'm in total control of all aspects of my life. I want to be energetic and kick ass at work. I want to budget every stinkin penny of our money with precision and power. But as you can guess, reality almost never matches my divine expectations. Chaos is normal. And that's OK. In fact, its extremely good. It disrupts my perfectionism and releases a TON of pressure I put on myself. Embracing the constant chaos of life actually gives me permission to be myself--a dearly loved, favorite son of my Papa in Heaven. 

2) "The worse she does, the better she's doing." 
This is one of those pieces of gold that my mentor shared with me. And it completely transformed how I handle conflict and confrontation in marriage. My mentor explained that there is no reason to worry when Samantha gets extremely angry with me, or when she is emotional. This is actually a GOOD thing. When I first heard this it made no sense at all.
 But he explained, "When Samantha attacks you or is rather animated with her emotions, this is gold. This shows that she feels safe. Women want to feel safe, they want to especially feel safe when they are at their wits end. Right now, shes testing the waters. With every conflict or outburst, her heart is asking this question: 'How much of me will you accept? How much of me can you really handle? 30%? 50%? Can you handle all of me at my very worst?' Thus, conflict and certain situations that arise, are not about solving the problem at hand, or saving the day. You don't have to be superman to Samantha. You just have to be present, and show her, time and time again, that you accept her and that her heart is safe with you." 
This counsel is so holy. It has completely transformed our marriage, and me. I don't have to save the day, I just have to listen to her heart. I don't have to solve all the problems or 'figure it out', I just have to be present to Samantha. 

3) It's all about unity. 
Money. Sex. Work. Vacation. Exercise. Reading. Church. Family. All of these categories, in addition to the many more that married life has to offer, are all about one thing: Unity. 
Our financial situation isn't about saving up for a down payment, or budgeting our money perfectly. It's about unity. It's about sharing life in this context, and pursuing a holy and rare context in our marriage--Two Becoming One. Its the Fathers original design and intent when it comes to marriage, and the more we step into this category of unity in different situations, the more life and joy we seem to stumble upon.  

I have learned so much about Conrad and our marriage in this past year and I can't ever get them all down on paper but here is what I have so far.
1)This world has a sad and negative view of marriage. They blow off our romance and giddiness for each other by saying that we are just 'newlyweds' and that it will fade in the next few years. We absolutely refuse to let that happen. We have been together almost 8 years and we continue to cherish, romance, and enjoy our time together. Not only is our relationship the two of us, but we have our loving and guiding Jesus who is constantly with us. He is always showing us that our time on earth is nothing compared to eternity together. I want to pray for Conrad and show him Jesus's love every day and I know he desires to do the same. So when I am having a bad day and he brings me flowers, it is not us being newlyweds, it is Conrad sharing Jesus's heart and love with me. When Conrad is dealing with a lot and I write him a note to just remind him how much he is cherished and adored, that is not us being 'newlyweds' it is me extending God's love to him.
We will continue to do this no matter the cost and I guess if it is viewed by the world as being 'newlyweds' then I really  hope we never stop being newlyweds. 

2) Conflict is okay. When we lean into God and what He is saying about us the exaggeration of conflict is diminished and a new light is shined when trouble arises. The devil is constantly waiting for conflict to break out so he can exaggerate it and separate our thoughts, and ultimately us. When we think negative thoughts about our spouse it is the devil sneaking into our minds and twisting whatever just happened. The sooner we realized this the quicker our fights and arguments turned into discussions and appreciation of one another. We are two different people, who think and do completely different things. There are going to be times where we disagree. Conflict begins to bring us closer to one another when we remember to disagree with respect and unfailing love.

Marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done. It's also been the best thing I've ever done.