Monday, November 23, 2015


How far along: 27&28 weeks

Total weight gain: 18lbs!

Sleep: off and on, can't complain much still getting enough sleep and haven't been too tired!  I wake up at 4AM every day, but have been able to fall back asleep for the most part. 

Best moment this week: Finding out our sweet baby is a GIRL!! 

Miss Anything? I miss laying on my tummy and back to sleep. 

Cravings/Aversions: milkshakes or smoothies!

Symptoms: heartburn, tired-sore restless legs. lightening crotch (sorry), rib pain and upper back pain. 

Looking forward to: continue setting up our nursery! 

We had our 27 week appointment with the glucose test, the rhogam shot, and T-dap vaccination. About 30 minutes after finishing the glucose orange drink I began feeling really dizzy and overheated and ended up getting an ice pack from the sweet nurse that took my blood and after that I felt a lot better. 
They asked some questions about movements and based on my answers they decided to hook me up to the monitor to watch her for a bit and everything looked fine. I even had a small contraction while on the monitor which was really cool to see.

The doctors called and said I passed the glucose test but my other tests came back and I'm anemic so now on iron supplements and b-12 and C vitamins in addition to my prenatal.  We are now on to our appointments every 2 weeks!

also still so thankful I have been able to pop my back and get some relief- I am dreading the day when I am not able to do that.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


How far along: 25&26 weeks.

Total weight gain: 14 lbs. I have an appointment next week to see the growth again.

Maternity clothes? 100%

Sleep: up from 1130-2 one night. next night slept from 8-6. very hit or miss. even got a few naps in on the weekend. 

Best moment this week: painted the nursery, and a table and bookshelf for the nursery, did our first load of baby laundry, and made a bottle shelf in the fridge. Slowly but surely we are getting ready!

Cravings/Aversions: I want milkshakes or smoothies all the time! 

Symptoms: heartburn so bad-medicine knocks it though. Bigger strong movements by baby😍. flat belly button now. face is breaking out a little bit. 

Looking forward to: Gender💙💗


How far along: 23&24 weeks pregnant.

Total weight gain: 14lbs! WHEW big gain since the last update.

Maternity clothes? Absolutely!

Sleep: Off and on. So much better this past week. We have been in bed by 8:30 during the week and that is really helping us stay energized through out the days.

Best moment this week: Hearing sweeties heartbeat! We had an appointment and they said weight gain and belly measurement is all on pace and everything is looking good.

Miss Anything? I would love to stuff my face with some serious raw sushi.

Cravings/Aversions: I have been having milkshakes with bananas or fruit in them to help with my leg cramps, and its an easy (and delicious) way to get my fruit in since I struggle eating it.

Symptoms: heartburn! calf cramps. rings still on. still have an innie belly button- barely!

Looking forward to: