Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mommy Meagan

We met in high school and enjoyed choir class together where we spent a lot of time texting our men behind our music sheets. She has been my friend through so much and for so long. 
Now introducing Meagan!

You might be wondering why this post is named Mommy Meagan, but lets hope you pieced it together. Meagan and her husband (so cool) Luke welcomed their little man Peyton into the world this February. and yes Luke is the man she was texting behind her music sheets ;). They started dating in high school and haven't looked back. It is really cool to have a friend who still dates their high school love, just like me! Meagan and Luke got married last August and I was honored to be Meagan's Maid of honor. It was such an awesome experience. She was the most laid back bride and it made for a really enjoyable weekend.
Meagan and I are really quite different. In fact, I would say we are opposites, although we still get along! There are things we don't see eye to eye on but it's nice to have a friend like this in your life! She balances me out and provides me a different view on things and for that I am extremely thankful!

Some of my favorite memories:
- High school choir class and summers
- Her beautiful outdoor summer wedding.
- Seeing her walk down the aisle (tears!)
- When she called me to tell me she was pregnant. I will never forget this day and I don't think the smile left my face all day.
-The first time I got to see Meagan with Peyton.

She is just a really cool person and I am SO proud of the woman, wife, and mommy she has become.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cousin love

Cousins are friends you are lucky enough to be born with. I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a cousin my age and have been so lucky to grow up with her.

Meet Janey!

Janey and I were born about a month and a half apart and we have grown up together and it has been so awesome. I got the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in Janey's wedding this past summer and it was seriously so much fun and very emotional. It is so cool to know someone your whole life and see them that happy! It was an amazing and humbling experience.

Janey is now happily married and her little family is growing. :) I love knowing that she is happy with her life and it is so awesome to see her life falling into place perfectly.

Some of my favorite memories with my family involve summers spent at our lake house laughing and loving life. We have been there for each other through so much and it makes me happy to know I have a lifetime friend in Janey. Definitely a blessing to be born so close together. I am very happy that Janey will be next to me on my wedding day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Meet my smoopie, Emily! 

I am so thankful for this sweet little best friend, Emily. We became friends in middle school and have been through so much together and so much has happened in our lives since we have been friends. We have grown so much since the high school days and there is no one else I would rather experience all of that with. She has been so supportive of Conrad and I, and such a good friend to both of us.

She is sassy and sweet and has some southern in her. She loves animals and appreciates her family. We love our small hometown and loved spending our Friday nights at the football field.

My favorite things to do with Em:
-- Sonic drinks!
-- afternoons at the pool
--Talking about our faith 
-- calling each other and just talking

I am so proud of her and how much she has accomplished already in a short time. I admire that she is always wanting to follow her dreams. There is nothing more I want to do then support her and her man and all life brings them. I just know God has such good plans for them. I love watching Em grow in life and seeing her grow in her faith. Thankful for a friend like her and can't wait to have her by my side on my wedding day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

FSIL Sadie.

See this beauty? This is my future sister in law, although I already consider her a sister. :)
She goes to Truman State and is the same age as my sissy!
Dating Conrad I became a part of such a wonderful family and I am so blessed to have Sadie in my life.
She is such a cool cool person!

Things I love to do with Sadie:
-watch football games 
-talk about Toms

-wish I had her style

This girl has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. Every time I am around her I am cracking up. She is so unique and not afraid to be herself and I admire her so much. I was so excited to ask her to be a bridesmaid and so thankful that she is a part of my bridal party and now a part of my family. I love sisters! I can't wait to see where life takes her and I love seeing her grow in her faith.


Now introducing the best and classiest Maid of Honor you've ever met!

This is my sweet sweet sister Bailey. I call her bay:) She is a Freshman at Missouri State where she is studying Math Education, is a member of Alpha Chi, and a Student Ambassador. (can you tell I am proud?) 

Things she likes:
-sweet tea
-being sassy
-her best friends
-Alpha Chi!
-and Eugene her hippo pillow pet.

I am not a very classy or traditional bride, but one day Bay will be one of the most traditional bride to ever get married. She is so awesome. I love having sleepovers with her and getting to spend quality time together. I hate being so far away from her but very thankful for technology so we get to talk every day. She has such a cool heart and is spunky. We are alike but so different and she adds so much to my life. She is great to bounce wedding ideas off of because we think so different. She is helping add a fine taste to our wedding. :)
I can't wait to have her be my go to girl on our special day.