Thursday, May 16, 2013

Engagement Inspiration!

Even though Conrad and I got engaged in November, we haven't taken Engagement pictures yet. We were going to do some over Christmas break, but decided we would like to do them in the summer instead. Especially since we are having a winter wedding. 
So the dates are rapidly approaching. 
We are doing two shoots, with the first one starting in our home town. And the next one we are letting the photographer choose!
 Below are some pictures I have found and want to use as inspiration for our shoots.

LOVE ALL    Adorable! #wvu #wvuwedding #engagementphotos #wvufootball #football

loveeee the bottom right!

Football has been a big part of our relationship and therefore we are taking some pictures on our hometown football field. 

I love these on the bridge. We will be taking pictures on a bridge after our ceremony, so maybe some engagement pictures there would be cute also!

This picture was taken back in 2007, the year we started dating. I absolutely love it and love how much we have changed since this. DEF want to recreate this.

This is just a little bit of inspiration I have found and you can find more on my Pinterest "SMILE" board:


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