Tuesday, October 6, 2015

19&20 Weeks

We had our 20 week anatomy scan and left on cloud 9. My belly is measuring 3 weeks ahead and baby's measuring ahead as well about a week, although its legs are over 2 weeks ahead- measuring 22 weeks 5 days. The ultrasound tech said, "Well, looks like you are going to have a tall baby." Taking after daddy already :)
We got to see hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, nose, lips and a lot more. It was so cool to see the baby kicking so hard and moving around.
I can't believe we are over halfway done with our pregnancy. God has truly blessed us with this sweet baby.

How far along: 19&20 Weeks! HALF WAY!

Total weight gain: up 7lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Sleep: Not sleeping the best anymore, very uncomfortable on my sides.

Best moment this week: Conrad getting to feel the sweetest babe move! Such a cool moment! My mom and aunt also came into town this past weekend and my mom got to feel baby move too. Such special memories I will treasure forever!

Miss Anything? SLEEP! I used to fall asleep and not wake up until morning, now I am up around 3AM every day.  It could be a lot worse though!

Symptoms: Calf cramps in the middle of the night- ouch! Less sleep.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower and finding out gender next month!

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