Monday, August 10, 2015

12 weeks

How far along: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 lbs. I have lost 1/2 a pound actually!

Maternity clothes: None of my jeans fit anymore so I am wearing athletic shorts and one pair of maternity jeans. These things are the best and most comfy pants ever! I can see these becoming a staple especially when school starts up next week!

Sleep: I no longer need a nap in the middle of the day thankfully. I am sleeping so good at night besides the INSANE pregnancy dreams. They are extremely vivid and seem so real and I wake up drenched in sweat. Fun.

Best moment this week: The best moment this week was getting to wear my normal clothes again and not having to try and hide the bump! SO many people have commented that I am already showing and trust me I am feeling it!

Cravings/Aversions: Craving healthy, fresh, cold food like cottage cheese and tomatoes. They have been a necessity so far this pregnancy. I don't really want dessert, it doesn't gross me out but I would rather have other things. I also am living off of Carnation Instant Breakfasts in the morning. It kicks my nausea to the curb so I can start my day off great!

Symptoms: I have only thrown up a few times this pregnancy, with weeks 10 and 11 being the worst, I think I ate something that disagreed with me a few days ago because I got the chills and couldn't stop throwing up, but since then everything has been fine. Still having slight nausea in the morning, I am losing my breath a lot faster while talking, and crossing my fingers it stays this way but my back pain has been okay this week!

Looking forward to: This week I am looking forward to school starting and getting into my routine again!

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