Monday, August 10, 2015


We are SO glad our news is finally public! We are expecting Baby Schottel in February! 

Can you tell it was early when we found out?! We were so tired and so excited! The exact due date is February 19th. This has been such a fun ride so far and we are just soaking in all these moments that we yearned for and wanted for so long. Such a special time and huge blessing.

As I am typing this I am 12 weeks 3 days! We have had 3 ultrasounds so far. YES THREE. We had our first appointment at 7 weeks 3 days where we got to see baby (or a little gummy bear) and heard the heartbeat. It was an emotional appointment and some tears were shed. Just so crazy that our sweet little one is in my body! The heart rate was 157 at the first appointment and everything was looking great.
About a week and a half after that I was having intense lower pelvic and back pain and when I called my nurse she said that tends to happen and is normal. When I told her how far along I was she seemed concerned and started asking a lot of questions. They were afraid there was an infection or something could be wrong because of the severity of the pain and how low it was. They said it shouldn't be that severe this early. The pain was so bad Conrad was helping me walk and get up and down. It was the worst when I would lay down, it was so hard to relax. I went in the next morning and had some tests done and everything came out okay! We got another ultrasound and baby was growing and looked great. So thankfully it wasn't connected. They referred me to a Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine doctor that spent an hour doing stretches and massaging my back to help me feel better. They said this is something that a lot of pregnant woman have to do just to help the pain. The pain is very sporadic and I can't figure out what helps alleviate the pain so we are just working through it when it comes.

Our next appointment was August 3rd, where we got our 3rd and best ultrasound yet because baby was moving all over the place!! As soon as the ultrasound started the doctor said, "Whoa that is a busy baby!" The arms and legs were moving so fast and we just started laughing it was so cute to see. Heart rate was 171! Baby looked great and everything was right on pace and our next appointment is at the beginning of September.

I will be doing weekly updates on the blog, this is just such an easy way to document the pregnancy and all the emotions that go with it. So starting on Friday my first post will go up about week 12!

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