Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First week in the books ;)

I have survived my first week of student teaching!
It is definitely an adjustment, but one I love so much.
My mentor teacher is amazing! We actually have a lot in common. She is an organized person, likes the little details, and IS A CHRISTIAN.
This is such a blessing in my life and a long time praying about. I am so thankful that setting up the classroom there was Christian music playing and we could talk about Jesus. It has just been an encouraging week on top of all the busy stuff because God is our friend and we both adore him!

Day 1 lessons learned:
--for meetings, tone it down a bit. dress to impress but don't go over the top.
-- first day= meetings.
-- new principal= double meetings.
-- my 1st grade team is AWESOME
-- apparently 8:30 is my new bed time.

Day 2 lessons learned:
-- straight hair lasts longer than curly.
-- a muffin from the Target bakery kept me full into 12:30
-- chugging water results in going to the bathroom at inconvenient times.
-- setting up the classroom is the best thing ever.
-- let it slide if you tape something on crooked. (OCD probz)
-- asleep by 9? This is going well for me!

Day 3 lessons learned:
--Apparently- if you wake up and your hair looks awful you can just rely on your best buddy sock bun! This stayed in my hair all day and I was thankful I could work with my messy hair.
-- You have no idea what your schedule looks like and what you have to get done, but you know you are gonna love your time.
-  If you have a 2 scoop protein shake for breakfast your tummy is growling at 10.

This is my selfie to my fiance with my classroom :)

Apparently by day 4 I got tired of taking pictures of my outfit! which is so lame because this was the first day of school!
Day 4 lessons learned:
--at least get a pic of your outfit on the first day! pooey (it was a sleeveless red dress with a black belt and black pointy flats) 
-- Keep your sunglasses in your car! my sunglasses have been a huge help on the way to school while driving right into the sun. this was the first day I remembered to leave them in my car so I had them!
-- Laugh so you don't cry. 
-- Be ready to repeat yourself A LOT. 
--Just enjoy the ride. 

Day 5 lessons learned:
-- A full week will lead you to take this picture in the morning and send it to your man. 
-- A lace shirt with black skinnies and Toms is the perfect teaching outfit. comfy and cute. 
-- You now repeat in your head that students are safe, respectful, and responsible. No more using a sheet needed. 

This book is what I am reading during quiet time in the mornings. It is so encouraging and a perfect start to my days with a coffee (or two) by my side.

---this week has been INCREDIBLE. I cannot even describe how much I love it. Walking out of school today I took a deep breath and let it out and soaked it all in. I felt at peace and I know I am meant to be a teacher and have this lifestyle. It fills my heart up so much. I love the students, the staff, and the planning and preparation that is involved. It is right up my alley! 

(sorry about picture sizes. they're big when I upload from my phone) 

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing and educational week! Best wishes with your adventure.