Monday, July 8, 2013


This is The Martens Five

How beautiful are they?! You should get to know their personalities, which are so contagious. They are the most loving family I have been around and I consider them my second family. 

I have yet to introduce you all to the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is the in the front row all the way to the right. I have known this little honey since she was in her mommas tummy and have had the pleasure of watching her grow up. It makes me cry how old and big she is getting, but the plus side to that is Tess gets to be one of my bridesmaids!!!!

I was so excited to go over to their house and ask these three girls to be a part of my wedding day, but most importantly I wanted Tess to know how much she means to me and how she just has to be one of my bridesmaids! She instantly squealed, said yes, and called dibs on a green dress, which works perfectly!!

Tess is one of the smartest kids I know. I love the way she loves. Her laugh is contagious. She is not afraid to be herself. She loves the Lord! She is so sweet to her little sisters and works hard at being a big sis, which is a hard job! She is a spitting image of her mother, and what a lucky girl for that. She is a hard worker and I can't wait to see where life takes her. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but even more on the inside. I am constantly learning from her and am forever thankful she is in my life. 

Okay done with the tears, but really. get to know this girl, she will have a lasting impact on your life.  You can find her January 11th glowing in a beautiful green dress. :) 

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