Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When God shifts gears

There has been new and exciting things going on in the Future Schottel family this week! 

For those of you who don't know, The Lord has really called Conrad and I to Illinois. It was a really tough decision and a lot of prayer and consideration went into it and we were ready to pack up and head to Illinois right after our honeymoon! 
Where were we living? We didn't know. 
Where was I working? We didn't know. 
There were unanswered questions but we knew one thing, God was going to provide. We have been so excited for this! He was leading Conrad to begin a non-profit with his business partner Jack and it is going to be in Illinois. 

We were ready and we were excited to go to Illinois until God served us up something else. Something that really caught our hearts and something that has been pulling us in a little bit of a different direction. 

Conrad has been offered a job in Missouri. 
Okay you might say, but you're called to Illinois. That's correct, just hang with me for a little bit. 
Conrad's job offer is not only offering him a job, but a business opportunity and this personal training facility wants to partner with Alliance (their non profit). The catch is, we have to move to Kirksville, Missouri and Conrad will work for them for a designated amount of time. 
 I have peace about it, and he has peace about it. After praying non stop and discussing with our best friends, through some tears and laughs we decided to take this offer. We know that God has really presented us with an opportunity for our marriage and Alliance to blossom. 

We still feel extremely called to Illinois, and those feelings were only increased through this past week, but we feel like the timing is not quite here. 

All I know is following Gods plan and praying and discussing things with my future husband is going to lead to a life filled with love. So off to an adventure, a little closer to home, with a whole bunch of hope, and an extreme amount of love to give and share. 

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  1. You both are amazingly awesome people & will indeed make the best out of wherever you go. I am excited you will be a little closer to home too!!