Tuesday, July 16, 2013


July Favorites:

  • Illinois trip to visit best friends
  • Season of growth spiritually. (personally and as a couple.)
  • Survived my first meet the teacher night and first weeks of school!
  • Got to spend some good time with my best friends Emo, Emily, Lynn, and Macie. It was so refreshing and just an awesome reminder of how great the people in my life are. 
  • One of the sweetest people in my life got engaged. :) So excited for Jack and Brianna!
  • It's been a good and reassurig month. I feel like I am in the right career path and just am enjoy student teaching so much! Ill have to give you all an update on all the craziness soon:) 

See ya July, hello August- okay wedding month is quickly approaching. Student teaching and a wedding to do list? Yeah right. 

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