Monday, August 12, 2013

so long sweet summertime.

Summer officially ended for me about a month ago. But this weekend I got the pleasure to wrap up summer with my love in Des Moines. He reports to his last college football camp on Wednesday. SO I gladly will say SO LONG LAST SUMMER APART. Next summer we will finally get to be together and spend some awesome summer time together, which hasn't happened since high school. (crazy huh)

This weekend was so relaxing and fun and I want to share it with you all!



Here is a modge podge of pics from us at the fair. The one and only Iowa State Fair. I hope this is something Conrad and I can continue to come to and enjoy because the time spent together was so awesome. We don't get a lot of dates together and when we do it normally includes going out to dinner. But having a day wandering around the fair was just such a refreshing change of pace and it was a blast!


The food we ate:
- Bloody Mary
-Pickle Dawg (pickle, cream cheese, wrapped in ham, deep fried.)
- Tenderloin.
-Double bacon wrapped corn dog with syrup
- Red velvet funnel cake.
- Deep fried brownie 

Notice the last two pictures? Yep we got locked out. Well we thought we did. So luckily the back door was open but then we had to pry open this window and climb through. Later to find my key in my wallet which I have. 
Welcome to our life. I can't wait to share more stories like this, because our life is real, and entertaining. And a joyous ride. 

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