Monday, April 1, 2013


Now introducing the best and classiest Maid of Honor you've ever met!

This is my sweet sweet sister Bailey. I call her bay:) She is a Freshman at Missouri State where she is studying Math Education, is a member of Alpha Chi, and a Student Ambassador. (can you tell I am proud?) 

Things she likes:
-sweet tea
-being sassy
-her best friends
-Alpha Chi!
-and Eugene her hippo pillow pet.

I am not a very classy or traditional bride, but one day Bay will be one of the most traditional bride to ever get married. She is so awesome. I love having sleepovers with her and getting to spend quality time together. I hate being so far away from her but very thankful for technology so we get to talk every day. She has such a cool heart and is spunky. We are alike but so different and she adds so much to my life. She is great to bounce wedding ideas off of because we think so different. She is helping add a fine taste to our wedding. :)
I can't wait to have her be my go to girl on our special day.

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