Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Folks, we are officially in the 100's! 

199 days until I get to marry this guy:
^hahah love this pic

I can't believe we are already at 199 days and before we know it'll we will be in double digits! 
I haven't talked about much wedding stuff lately so I thought we would talk about what we havedone and what we still need to do! 

Things we had completed so far:
--We have booked the ceremony and reception places! We will be spending January 11th at Chandler Baptist Church and the reception at Heritage Hall in the town over.
--Our DJ ad bartenders are taken care of through the reception place so that was easy. CHECK
-- Our bridal party has been set and there is a TON of us. Just the way we like it. Conrad and I really value friendships and we are just lucky that our best friends will surround us in 199 days.
--The save the dates have been sent and received.
-- THE wedding dress is bought and hanging in my closet. and yes I do try it on all the time.
-- Conrad's outfit is all put together!!! Gonna look so handsome. 
-- Our photographer is booked!
-- Flowers are taken care of. (I don't love flowers). We just did as few as possible. This is an area that is definitely helping our budget.
-- Catering is taken care of and will be booked soon! BREAKFAST FOR DINNER YA'LL
--We have done our registries. We registered at Target- Bed, bath, and beyond- and our dinnerware at Macy's
-The girls have their bridesmaids dresses and we picked out groomsman attire this weekend. They are gonna be looking beautiful (the gals) and sharp (the guys).

Things we haven't done:
-- We are writing our own ceremony, so we haven't started on that yet.
-- Wedding bands!
-- The day of schedule. (in progress)
-- Picked out desserts.
-Girls shoes. (I change my mind every week and I annoy myself)
-- Invitations.
-Dress fittings, duh
-- Music playlists for the DJ

I am sure I am forgetting a few things. But all I know is I AM SO EXCITED TO MARRY THIS MAN! At the end of the day it won't matter what our cake looked like or what style the invitations were. This is all about bringing us together and starting a marriage built on Christ and honoring him in all we do!


  1. Yeah!!! You have so much done. You're going to have so much fun.

  2. Yes! I feel like that too! Thanks so so much :)