Monday, June 24, 2013

Cara's box exchange from Dawn at

I had just arrived home for the weekend and not even an hour later the doorbell rang. I knew it had to be the UPS guy. lets be honest- who else rings the doorbell. I ran out there and saw a beautiful cardboard box sitting there. 

Okay obvi it didn't look beautiful on the outside, but it said 'Cara Box' so I knew the inside would hold the most wonderful things. 

like i had mentioned in an earlier post, this is my first month experimenting in Cara's box swap! and it was so pleasant. 
The theme was carnivals and fairs, which was hard to think of ideas, but it became easier as we kept learning about each other. 

^So I open this glorious box and the first thing I see is COTTON CANDY. I'm like OKAY let's open this sucker up I love me some cotton candy. It was a beautiful light pink candle that smelled exactly like cotton candy. Actually, my sweet fiancĂ©'a words were even, 'Literally I want to eat that!'  But even better than that was the cinnamon mini donuts candles. It immediately was lit and made the house smell so amazing. 

I continued to go through my box and find some awesome things! 

^Some awesome craft paint! 

^Some of the cutest paper straws. What?! You haven't bought into this trend? You're missing out. Also Dawn had written me such a cute and encouraging card and provides me with a brand new empty journal that will be sure to be filled. I am thinking this will be my journal I start writing in right after I am married! 

^Of course you can't think about summer and without your basic necessities: Candy, nail polish, some ribbon for your hair (softball player probz) and an ADORABLE pink bubble necklace. 

^Althogh, if I am being honest one of my favorite items was this beautiful scarf.  Dawn made this herself and I just loved that she thought about doing that for me! If is so soft and the picture does it no justice, it sparkles too! It is going to become a staple item when I move to the Windy City, and even this winter during student teaching. 

So thank you Dawn, for brightening my week and giving me a new friend. 
Really, check out her blog! She is up to some really awesome things over there!
She likes to blog about her children, gardening, nature (LOVE), knitting, reading, running, and SO much more! She is an awesome well rounded lady and she is so sweet! Get to reading!

And thank you Cara's box exchange for providing us something like this to so every month! 

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