Monday, February 18, 2013


One of the first things I did, even before date was look at venues.
I loved looking at possible places to get married, they each had something different to offer and it was so fun to look. I made appointments with 6 places for us to go look, and ended up cancelling 5 of them! What can I say, we knew what we wanted! 

  • Open Vendor policy- I wanted to be able to get catering and other services through different companies. I found that many places that provided food were racking up the prices and it was very pricey. Plus, with our wedding not being super formal we didn't need baked salmon with gold and special asparagus. Too fancy for this shindig. 
  • Close- Location was very important. We didn't want to have to travel a far way. Many of the places we looked at were in downtown KC- 30 minutes away. A little inconvenient for travelers and not my cup of joe.
  • Fun!- We needed something that could allow us to be us. We didn't need chandeliers, nakey men statues, and any other odd decorations. We just needed fun and colorful.
  • Modern- We didn't want something vintage or old. We weren't super set on a church for our location, but knew we didn't want something oldish looking.
  • A middle aisle- I didn't know this was a want of mine until we looked at the first church and I sound found out that was a definite requirement. 

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