Monday, February 4, 2013


Places that have my heart.

Kearney, Missouri.

  • Where I grew up and made great friends.
  • Where I spent my summers at the pool.
  • Where I fell in love.
  • Where I spent my Friday nights at the football field cheering on my quarterback.
  • Where I wore purple and gold as much as I could.
  • Where I was a member of the State Championship Softball team.

Des Moines, Iowa
  • Where I branched out from everything I have ever known.
  • Where I decided to follow my dreams and play college softball.
  • Where I joined a team of 15 girls who will forever hold a place in my heart.
  • Where I have learned the hardest lessons of my life.
  • Where I have grown as a future educator.
  • Where I have learned to be forgiving. 
  • Where I have found a sense of being, and identity.
  • Where God captured my heart. 

Kirksville, Missouri

  • Where my true love, best friend, and fiance resides.
  • Where I spend my weekends in the fall.
  • Where I wear my #14 jersey.
  • Where I lose my voice from cheering so loud.
  • Where I have felt a home away from home. 

Liberty, Missouri

  • Where I had my first date with Conrad at Chilis.
  • Where almost 6 years later he got down on his knee and asked my hand in Marriage.
  • Where we will tie the knot in 341 days!

Read this blog and follow the journey that Conrad and I are about to embark on with the end of our college athletic careers, graduating college, wedding planning, and packing up our lives and moving to Illinois. 

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