Friday, August 30, 2013


-- I have been spending a lot of time at Caribou Coffee. Fall flavors just came out.  An iced pumpkin spiced chai will be an attachment to my hands for the next few months.

-- Trying to stay out of my not air conditioned apartment. Thank you weather bug for the last few days in the 100s.
-- Just finished up my time in my first student teaching placement. I surprisingly didn't cry when I had to leave. I just was so blessed by this placement and know if I was staying in the area it is a school I would be extremely lucky to be a part of. The kids wrote me notes on my last day and my mentor teacher surprised me with a gift basket of things I will need in my classroom.

-- I get to go have a road trip with my man this weekend and make our way down to St. Louis for his cousins wedding. This is the beginning of a lot of traveling for me this Fall to go see some Truman Football!
-- I start my next student teaching placement on Tuesday in a grades 3-5 resource special education room. This will be extremely different from what I just finished, so YAY for a lot of experiences.
-- My friends and I booked MEXICO PART 2 for this upcoming New Years.  All of us from last year plus one more amazing girl are going! I am so excited and have been so blessed by the friendships of the older girls on my Drake team. They are friendships that are worth the distance. I love when we all do get to meet up and enjoy each other, it is always unforgettable. I will get to see them in Mexico, at my wedding, and then again 6 months later at my BFF lynn's wedding! It is going to be an awesome 2014.

This is us on our trip last year! 

-- I have been so excited to move to Kirksville and get things going. I know this is going to be so much fun to start fresh with my sweet groom and get to build up new relationships in a different town.
-- I have been failing on honeymoon planning, and wishing someone else would do it for me.
-- Wedding planning has been so much fun lately! A lot of talk about bridal shower and the night before the wedding and I cannot wait!!!
-- CROSSFIT. My roomies and I got memberships at a local crossfit gym thanks to Groupon and it is kicking our butts! It has been awesome and I can't wait to see more changes in my body because of this.
-- This has definitely been a few weeks of growth for me and I feel like the devil is taking every chance to make a stab at me. I know who holds my heart and that these roughies that are happening are just to strengthen me and I will use them to grow closer to God.

So there's my life in a nutshell. :)

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