Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dress to impress.

Each girl will be wearing the same dress, but in different colors.
Since the wedding is in January, I knew we wanted to do long dresses, and I also knew I wanted NO SATIN. I am just not a huge fan of the satin in long dresses, but loved the flow vibe I was getting from the chiffon. MOH Bay tried on the dress I loved, until I saw the price tag, which made me want to throw up. 
After a few more options we finally found the perfect dress.
Long. Chiffon. Avaliable in 50 colors. 
and bonus! The dress had straps so the girls wouldn't have to mess with pulling their dress up all night. 

Alfred Angelo style 7139

After picking out the dress, we finally had narrowed down some color options, or so we thought. 
50 options. How would we ever choose?! 
MOH Bay and I sat down with the beautiful chiffon color swatches and picked and pulled colors for 45 minutes until we came up with the perfect mix! 




Pomegranate, Purple Storm, Jade, Fuchsia, Viola Purple, Cherry Red, Tangelo Orange, Mediterranean Blue, Coral, and Shamrock.

I love that they all blend together perfectly, not one color stands out too much. I am extremely happy with how this turned out and can't wait to see each girl in their color!
Stick around to find out what sassy girl will be wearing each color. :)

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