Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sienna June 3 months

three months

Sienna June is 3 months old! She has changed so much this month and I love how she is becoming more alert. She is still in size 1 diapers and wearing 0-3 month clothes, although we are growing out of those slowly but surely.

Weight: I am guessing almost 12lbs now, but not sure!
Height: 23.5 inches @ 2 months
Sienna is still wearing her hip braces, although when we do take them off we notice a difference in her legs so we are hoping that means they are healing! She has a few more weeks left in the brace until we go in for a follow up. Crossing our fingers we don't need additional treatment.

smiling at people talking to her, her wubby binky, her caterpillar, facing out when holding her, sitting up more, waking up to mom and dad with hueg smiles, and getting her diaper changed. 

being gassy, being tired but not asleep, and apparently her 3 month photo shoot which had to be rescheduled because she screamed the whole time.

I am still exclusively pumping and she is bottle fed with breast milk. She takes 3-4 ounces depending on how long she slept before the feeding.  She needs a few burps each feeding. When she sleeps through the night she will wake up and take 5-6 ounces!

Sienna is such a good little sleeper.  Typically she goes to sleep at 7:30 and wakes up around 3 or 4AM for a bottle and back to bed. This month she has slept through the night 3 times! She is sleeping in her crib now, I cannot even believe it. She is doing so good! We still keep the snuggle nest in the crib but are working on phasing that out as well. When she takes naps at her babysitters she sleeps in her bassinet without being swaddled. We still swaddle her at night though and keep her sound machine on. 

She likes tummy time, but only for short amounts of time. She likes to sit in her bouncy chair and swing and is starting to look at that animals hanging from it.  She is grabbing her toy caterpillar and likes to move it around. She is doing lots of activities with our awesome babysitter as well. 

Sienna June
This month was so special and so hard. I went back to work and was so sad to not be with you every day, but I am so happy to know you are in the best hands and getting loves from other sweet babies and your babysitter. You've done so good there and it has made my mommy heart so happy. I love the awake time with you, the smiles when I come get you in the morning, and the coos and noises you make. I cannot believe how big you have gotten, it is breaking my heart! You are such a sweet and easy baby. You are strong and so beautiful. I am so glad to be your mommy and can't wait for more adventures with you. 
 I love you forever and always, no matter what. 

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