Sunday, February 28, 2016

sienna june-- 1 month


It has gone by so fast and I cannot believe my sweet baby is one month old already! I have loved how she has softened our hearts and filled us with even more love. She is still too small for size 1 diapers, but a little too big for newborn diapers. She is just now able to start wearing her 0-3 month clothes and just barely fits in newborn clothes. 

Weight: 8lbs 6oz, back above birth weight!
Height: 20 inches
She has to go get a hip ultrasound at six weeks old since she was breech to just check her hips and make sure they are developing okay, although the doctor thought they looked fine. 

bath time, snuggles with daddy, sitting in her boppy, doesn't mind the stroller at all, her wubanub binky, halo sleep sack, and sleeping in her car seat. 

when we don't get the bottle heated up fast enough and getting dressed! 

I feel like this section deserves its own blog post, for it has been SUCH a journey. I am currently exclusively pumping and she is bottle fed with breast milk and that works so well for her and us. She takes 3-4.5 ounces depending on how long she slept before the feeding.  She is a big loud burper and it makes her daddy and I laugh. She wants instant gratification and has a quick temper if the bottle isn't warmed up as fast as she likes it. 

Sienna is such a good little sleeper. She eats every 3 to 4 hours, or even longer stretches at night. She is awake for a little bit and then back to bed. During the day she has about 30 minutes to an hour awake time after each bottle and then back to sleep. She is currently sleeping in her rock and play bassinet with the snuggle nest inside it. We just started swaddling this week more and she sleeps better and longer because her busy arms and legs aren't waking her up. She is a LOUD sleeper, she grunts and makes noises all night, even if the binky is in her mouth. We try and use the binky as a last resort during sleep time, otherwise every time it falls out she thinks she needs it put back in and that can get exhausting. We lay her in her bassinet awake and rock it a bit to soothe her and she goes to sleep. She is able to lay on her back and sleep now, when she first came home she immediately rolled on her sides because her straight breech legs would pull her over but as her legs are settling down she is sleeping more on her back. 

She likes tummy time, but only for short amounts of time. She likes to sit in her bouncy chair as well and is starting to look at that animals hanging from it. 

Sienna June
I still look at you and wonder how we got so blessed with a sweet angel baby like you. You are perfect in every way and fill my heart with overwhelming love. I can't believe I get to be your mommy, it has been such a beautiful journey so far. I love watching your big eyes look around and move when you hear our voices. I love seeing your daddy hold you and talk to you. I love how you pee all over the changing table when we take your diaper off and how you constantly keep us laughing. You are such a blessing in our lives and I am so glad to be your mom. I want to forever cherish this time home with you and how small and beautiful you are. I love you forever and always, no matter what. 

First picture of our family of three.
My favorite baby feet 
side sleeping
sweet breech baby legs
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so wide awake
first bath!
just relaxing
first time babywearing at the basketball game
sleeping on dad at the basketball game

riding grigs, you were hungry and just finished tummy time and were MAD the bottle wasn't ready.

swaddle bug
sweet baby

wide awake eyes

sweet smiles
first time outside in the nice weather

I have been following this blog for years now, since Amber was pregnant with her twin girls. The sign above Sienna's crib came from her, the weekly pregnancy tracker sign came from her, the idea of monthly blog updates came from her. So although she does not know who I am, I wanted to mention her on here considering how many ideas I get from her!

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