Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello Sweet March

Hello Sweet March,

Hello to the month that I have been counting down the days to. The month where I get to see some of my best friends. My heart has been aching for them. My heart needs communion and hugs from my sweet friends. I have struggled adjusting to a life that was all friends everyday, boyfriend on the weekend -- to--  husband everyday (BEST THING EVER) and no friends except for occasional visits (HARDEST THING EVER). It is safe to say my heart isn't adjusting well to being so far away from my friends. From not being able to walk to the room over and say hi, from having to schedule phone calls just to ask how are you. So hello to you March, where trips to Chicago, Iowa, and friends coming to Kirksville is definitely designed to give this aching heart some rest.

Hello to the month where Conrad and I celebrate 7 years together! Where we continue to learn more about each other through this blessing called marriage. Where we continue to stare in awe of our dog who sleeps all day, plays all night, and occasionally greets us in the morning with a puddle of pee on the ground.

Hello to the month where hopefully spring weather starts to blossom and the days get warmer.

Hello to the month where we venture out into the community more and try to meet new people and make more friends.

Hello to the month full of job applications and prayers.

Hello to the month full of trying new crockpot recipes.

Hello to a month full of promising opportunities, seeking God, and choosing to live in JOY.

Samantha Schottel

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