Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Learning as I go

5 months ago I wandered to a new town with my new husband to start a new job.
Whoa. A lot of 'new' things were happening.
I had thought a lot about what I wanted to do when I got to Kirksville. I knew I would substitute teach,  but I had a decision on whether I would be a personal trainer for the business Conrad would manage. I had said no multiple times, but one day God told me YES. and so reluctantly, I took on a new adventure of personal training. What a glorious blessing it has become.
Through many months of the storms of adjusting to a new place my clients were the rainbows that kept me going.
 They became not only clients, but friends. Friends that cared about me deeply as a person. Friends that showed me God's love.  They listened as I cried and laughed. They shared new recipes with me. They shared tips on laundry, cleaning the house, and how to love well. They told me about friendships that have slowly faded and others that have continued to grow strong. They opened up to me. They told me stories about their marriages and about their lives. I got to see their hearts shine through when they talked about things they excelled at and I got to see even more of their hearts when they talked about their struggles. These are confident woman. They have been through so much and still truly love and enjoy life. They enjoy the woman God has created them to be.
The biggest things these woman have taught me is that life is full of changes. Friends come and go, jobs come and go, life is constantly changing.
One thing never changes. God's love. His love is constant. God created me just how I am. He loves me just how I am, my weaknesses and all. How remarkable is that?
  I am so glad God led me to this road and as reluctant as I was, used this to help me become a better woman.
This is my last week training my friends, before I head off to have a friend filled month of July and then start my new journey as a teacher and a coach.
I say thank you.
Thank you to God, who guides my heart into places where I can grow.
Thank you to my husband, who has been my support and guidance through a new job. Thank you for accepting me into his work place and letting me share 5 fabulous months working with him you. These are months I will forever cherish with you.
Thank you to my clients(friends). I will never forget your life lessons and your love that you showed me.

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